Please come let us sit and talk about a concern of the heart as I share my little story on a lesson I learnt.

I am a person who tries to learn a lot from anything around me and this led to this story I hope to share and I hope it makes a difference in your life. image

For the first time I actually took my time to watch a Nigerian movie and I learnt something from it not just something but a lesson that changed my life. Am so sorry I can’t recall the name of the movie but it was about a married lady who had three friends that ruined her marriage and with God she got it back at no cost, she lost everything, she even lost one of her children and then she turned to the Saviour and he gave her a peaceful family Union. This might be the story of someone I do not know and do not necessarily think am talking about someone facing a marriage challenge, No, it could be anything, the most important factor is with God everything will perfectly fall into place all it will require is your patience and I told myself BE PATIENT AND SEE GOD WORK. You too have to make that decision today and watch God turn everything around. Do not even mistake the voice of humans to that of God he is God and he is aware of every situation. Yea God loves you soooo much and so Do I.


Virtuous Woman

Season greetings to my readers. Welcome once again to the heart matters board, we shall be discussing the virtuous woman.

I love that saying a virtuous woman who can find for her worth is far above jewels. Every girl, lady, woman has her role in life to play. The story you have to tell will definitely not be the story which I have to tell but we know they can be more than one woman who portray the warm, welcoming, cheerful and homely character. Although we are different people but we speak same language when it comes to decency and truth. I know a virtuous woman and I will simply describe her to be a mother, a mother in the sense that even from her teenage hood she carries herself with joy, esteem, happiness, a welcoming spirit and above all a heart to love.

I know a virtuous woman because I know you and I know you have a heart for God, a heart to love, a cheerful heart, a joyful spirit and above all the heart of a mother.

The beautiful woman, inside out.

The beautiful woman, inside out.

You can become the great lady I see you to be, do not let anyone make you think otherwise. You are a virtuous woman.

This is the little I know,feel free to express what you know and feel. And you know I always love you and so does the father.

Heart Matters

Hi dear readers, I am glad to come on here to share thoughts with you and make this work. I love to speak about love, love in humanity, love in relationship, love in Marriage and self love. I am here to advise and learn. Speaking about love is my obsession and passion. I will like you to join me as we ride along. feel free to send personal questions to my mail as stated in my bio, I will be glaaaad to learn and if you need your story published. Send it to me also and I will do just that. Lets make this happen. And yea You Know I love you.